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Mayfield Professional Maintenance

Mayfield Professional Maintenance was established as a separate division in 2003.  The company offers a comprehensive annual maintenance program for residential and commercial properties.  A typical package consists of weekly lawn cutting and weeding of beds, pruning and trimming, seasonal  clean-ups including mulching and edging of beds, maintenance of irrigation systems, chemical treatments as needed and snow removal.  Each maintenance program is customized to meet the client’s specific needs. We strive to develop strong, reliable relationships with our clients who have come to expect only the highest quality work,  materials and attention to detail.

Among our clients

The Hill at Whitemarsh The Hermitage
Oliver Tyrone and Pulver Properties Brandwine Realty Trust
The Rubenstein Company Keystone Properties
Commerce Bank  

If you would like further information or to schedule a consultation, please email or call 610.353.0363 and ask about our Professional Maintenance Program.